Thursday, April 23, 2009


It's been quite a journey, and thanks for the opportunity to share some of my knowledge.

This is our last class which means this is your last chance to finish your final project.

This is what you need to have completed today.

1. A business blog.
Register your blog at and create a blog that is related to your business.

2. A media file of your final project.
Write your script.
Record your audio/video.
Save to flash drive.
Open Windows Movie Maker (Microsoft Windows)
Import audio files/slides/pictures
Lay video/audio in timeline
Add graphic.
Save document & movie.

Create YouTube Account or sign in.
Upload video.
Copy embed code to blog, write a blog post about your business plan.

Write down name of your blog, and turn in the flash drive.

Today we're taping in your classes. We'll be interviewing two or three students, and if we have time, we'll shoot a few scenes.

Thanks for being a great class!

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