Thursday, March 5, 2009

Class Notes 3/6/09

This week you'll learn about blogging. Blogs are popular sites that allow anyone to self publish. The word blog comes from two words web-log, and they have become powerful tools for communication.

Bloggers break news, share information, opinions, and personal experiences. Blogging is different from traditional journalism in that bloggers don't adhere to the same ethical, moral, and rules of accuracy, and fairness.

A blog can be anything you want it to be. You can write about anything, post pictures, and videos.

There are a few popular blogging platforms. Blogger which is owned by Google is probably the most popular and easiest way to start blogging. WordPress is another popular content management system. TypePad is also a popular platform.

There are key features associated with a blog.
RSS feed. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is a way for fans and follower to easily subscribe to blog updates.

Links: In blogging culture, you can readers by linking to other blogs that you like. Oftentimes, bloggers you link to will link back to you.

Blog Roll: A blog roll is a list of blogs that you like to read or think your readers will like reading. Normally if you add a blog to your roll, the blogger will add you to their blog roll.

Assignment: Register at, login and set up a blog.

Watch this video for a tutorial.

Now that your blog is set up create a post about your business project. Please explain your business project, and type your script into the body of the post.

Story Board

A story board is an artistic rendition of your multimedia project. It is created by drawing pictures of each scene and element. Last week you all wrote a draft of a script. This week, you should work on your story board which will help you determine what elements you can include. Your story board can include video shots, pictures, and slides. Make the scenes as detailed as you like.

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