Thursday, March 19, 2009

Class Notes 3/20/09

I hope you all are having a great week.

This week, we have a special guest of the University Dean Jerome Wratchford. He will be speaking to you about educational opportunities at KSU, and observing the class. Please give him your utmost attention.

This week we'll start class off with a quick review, and then a quiz. Please plan on being tested or quizzed for the rest of the semester. There is certain key information we have to make sure you are learning.

We're approaching the final stretch for your multi-media projects. I'll be reviewing your progress this week to see how you're coming along.

Your final project can be a blog with photos.
It can be an audio or video project.
You can create a slideshow (animoto) (photobucket).

If you have any questions about your project or need help developing it. Please feel free to ask.

Social Media (continued)

We've been discussing social media the past two weeks.
Social media, is the collaborative nature of the Internet and how people are now connecting and contributing to the collective body of knowledge through sites like wikis, blogs, and social networks.

There's one aspect that is very important as you start putting information on line. Tags. Tags are words that are associated with your content that will help people search and find it.

For example go to youtube, and type video tutorial. What comes up?
That's because the person who has uploaded the media has tagged the content with those same words to help you find it. Now type in the name of your favorite music artist. What comes up?

Tags can be used with blog posts, photos, and video. They help search engines find your content efficiently.

By now you all should be working on your multi-media projects. You should have your scripts written, or close to written and you should be working on gathering or putting together the various elements which can include photos, video, and slides.

If you haven't written your script you need to have it finished by today, because we are going to dedicate most of the time for the remainder classes to finishing your projects.

Today I want you to create another blog that will be dedicated solely to your business.


1. Log into your Blogger account, and in the dashboard create a new blog.
2. Give it a title that is associated with your business.
3. Choose a url that is associated with your business.
4. Open up Microsoft Word and write a one to two paragraph summary about your business, what you will sell, and why it will be successful.
5. Please watch your punctuation and check your spelling. Remember your customers will judge you based on how professional your site is.
6. After your done writing, copy and paste your text into a new blog post.

If you need to narrate your script, I brought my audio equipment for you to use.
You should be using the class period to work on your project. Blank scripts are available.

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