Friday, February 13, 2009

Class Notes and Videos for Friday Feb 13

Class Notes for Friday February 13, 2009

Welcome to class! You all are doing a great job. Today's going to be a bit of a review since we've had some new students join.

We'll review the basic production techniques and we'll do another hands on camera exercise to help get everyone familiar with the equipment.

You may notice the lights set up in the class. We'll go over basic lighting, and we'll be using the lights for our assignment.

To start off with, visit this link and look at all of the pictures.

Now watch this video:

Rules with handling the lights.

1. Wait until subject is seated, or in place for the scene/interview.
2. Set up lights.
3. Turn on lights.
4. Don't ever touch the light while its hot.
5. Always be careful while handling.
6. Turn off light, and let cool off when finished shooting.

3-point lighting is the standard lighting technique.
Three point lighting involves a key light, fill light, and back light.
You should always use some kind of light source when shooting indoors.

In class assignment:
Break into groups of four.
Lights, Audio

Rotate through the positions, and interview each other about your business plan/idea.

Rules for shooting interview:
Groups should you green room, and different areas of the class to tape.
Be as quiet and respectful when an interview is going on.
Make sure you label the tape.
Write the name of the tape label on your worksheet.
Turn in your tape and worksheet.

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