Thursday, February 5, 2009

Class Notes 2/6/09

Welcome to the Digital Media blog for the Youth Build program at Kennesaw State.

I decided to create this blog so that you can keep up with the assignments and lessons outside of class.

I will post videos related to media production lessons as well as class instructions.

Please make sure you've picked up all of the handouts for this week, and add them to your binder.

It is important that you continue to read and study the class notes outside of class. Your mastery of the information will help insure that I'm successful as your instructor, and that you learn the basics of media production, and computing.

1. Please find the media test in your handouts and answer each question to the best of your ability. If you need to, you can refer to the class notes. You have 20 minutes to complete this test. This test ends at 9:30AM.

2. We're continuing the exercise on voice over this week. I expect that you have marked your copy and practiced your script to perfection. Please sign the voice over audition sheet and when its your turn, enter the audio booth and voice the audio track. If you have any questions about the pronunciation of any words, please ask prior to your taping. Make sure you save your final file to the Flash Drive that's in the the audio booth. Please name the file: firstname.vo

3. This week you will learn about video editing. Please get into groups of 2 or 3, and watch the lesson below on Final Cut editing. Printed instructions are in your handouts.

There are only three cameras available for the class to use as a video deck, so you may have to take turns with the equipment. This week you will be learning how to lay sound bites, and cover the sound (vo) with b-roll. You will have until 11AM to work on your editing.

Once you are finished editing save your project in the Final Cut > Projects folder on your desktop. Then drag the Final Cut folder onto your Flash Drive. You are responsible for saving your project, and if you don't save it to a Flash Drive, it will be erased once you're logged out from the computer.

4. At 11AM you need to break into groups of 2-4 to start planning for Assignment 1. One person in the group must take the roll of Producer. The Producer will be responsible the overall assignment, making sure other team members complete their tasks, and will have the final say about the concept of the Assignment 1.

The first part of creating the PSA is planning. You all are expected to participate and help with each other's projects. Think about what equipment you'll use, and what you want the final project to look or sound like. Watch other PSA's on YouTube related to your topic to get some ideas. You'll have music available, as well as different backgrounds you can use for your final project. Do some research and find some facts related to your topic that you can include in your script. Think about the appeal. Humor is often effective and entertaining. Its important to include some kind of emotion. Also think about how you can use testimonials, or your own personal experiences and thoughts to get your point across.

You will need to write a summary of your project (treatment)
You are required to turn in a script.
Late projects will not be accepted.

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